Hygrophila sp. ‘Bold’ was acquired through trading with a fellow aquarists on Aquatic Plant Central.

I only acquired a couple short stems of this species, so I placed a few 1″ cuttings in an emersed setup, and some other stems in a submerged 10 G shrimp tank. The emersed stems grew slow and steady, and the submerged stems suffered in the non-fertilized tank.

My emersed setup is comprised of a cracked 10G tank, a glass top, and an old flourescent T8 strip light, age unknown. I have used cheap plastic containers with drilled holes as my plant pots, and the substrate consists of topsoil, sand, and aqua soil. The Hygrophila sp. ‘Bold’ grew very “leggy” in my setup, which leads me to believe that my light intensity could be stronger, but it gets the job done at the moment.

The photos above are actually the second flowering of this plant that I observed while in my setup. The first inflorescence only lasted a couple days, and I didn’t have a chance to take a photo before the petals fell from the flower.

This plant is extremely easy to grow in this setup, and is undemanding of maintenance. I started these plants wit 1″ cuttings, and have since cut back the stems, and replanted the tops. The next step with this plant is to attempt to self pollinate the next flower, and produce some viable seeds.

Source: http://fish.joshvito.com/hap-flowering-report-hygrophila-sp-bold/
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