AA (Aquarist Anonymous)

Hi, My name is Tom and I am a fishaholic. I also suffer from MTD (Multiple Tank Disorder) of which there is no known cure. There is, however, one temporary cure for MTD which includes setting up a massive tank that takes up so much space that you have no room for the small tanks…thereby curing your MTD. This works but is only temporary cure. Before long, you will have found space to re-set up those tanks that you took down so you could set up that massive tank and the MTD starts all over again.

Being a fishaholic, I have learned to refrain from talking ‘fish’ around non fish people. And by no means should you show your ‘non fish’ neighbors your fish room. They will never look at you the same way again. They may even tell you that you belong in an asylum. It is, however, acceptable to show your neighbors children your fish room. When the children go home and tell their parents “Mr Tom has like 30 fish tanks in his basement” The parents will just shrug this off as children exagerating as they often do and you will not be thought of as a candidate for the asylum. What you will be doing is instilling the beginning of a new generation of fishaholics and possibly a few of them may even suffer from MTD.

I remember when I was just dabbling in in fishalolicism and I joined the TFCEC, I met a gentleman named Mike (you know who you are) and I found out at one point he had 110 fish tanks in his basement and I thought to myself ‘this man should be in an asylum’. Of course, that was back when I was young and naive. I didn’t know what MTD was…let alone understand it. I quickly cultivated a deep respect for Mike and other members of the club. I didn’t know it at the time but they were instilling the beginning of me becoming a fishaholic that suffers from MTD 😉

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