TFCEC Website: Creating Your First Post

Congratulations on deciding to become a contributor to the Tropical Fish Club of Erie County’s website(TFCEC website). This article will walk you through creating your first post. For a general overview of the registration and authoring process, read “How to Become a Contributor.”

The general steps to creating a post are as follows:

  1. Confirm author access to the  website
  2.  Create a new post
  3. Write the post content
  4. Preview
  5. Submit

Confirm author access to the  website

  1. If you are not already, log in to TFCEC website, and Navigate to the user Dashboard (fig.1)
  2. If you have author access, you will have a “Posts” menu item on the left hand menu(fig.2). If you do not have author access, your left menu will look similar to fig.1.
  3. If you do not have author access, refer to the “How to Become a Contributor” article. Also relevant is the “How to Register” article.

Create a new post

  1. Open the “Posts” menu by clicking the left hand “Posts” link in left hand menu from the user dashboard (fig.3).
  2. This menu will show you all of your posts that you have written for the website.
  3. Next, click the “Add New” button at the top of the screen (fig.3).
  4. You should now see the new post authoring page (fig.4)

Write the content

  1. The left hand side  of the authoring page contains the input box for the post title and the main content of the page.
  2. Write your article in the large input field on the left. The controls at the top of the input box will help with formatting.
  3. When  you are finished with your post’s content, click the “Save Draft” button in top right hand side of the page(fig.5). You can save a draft as many times as you feel is necessary.

Preview your content

  1. If you would like to preview what your post will look like on the website, click the “Preview”  button on the top right side of the page(fig.5).
  2. A new window or tab should open and show you an interactive preview of the post you have drafted.

Submit your content

  1. When you are happy with the preview, you can submit your content by clicking the blue Submit button on the top right hand side of the page (fig.5).
  2. Depending on the type of author access you have been given, your post will be submitted for review or possibly posted after you click the submit button.

Congratulations on completing your first post. I hope it becomes the

most popular post on the website.


The TFCEC website runs on the WordPress platform. If you want to look into more information about authoring and posting to the site, check out their free lessons at

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