TFCEC Website: How to Register

Congratulations on deciding to become a contributor to the Tropical Fish Club of Erie County’s website(TFCEC website). This article will walk you through the registration steps needed to become a contributor to the website. For a general overview of the registration and authoring process, read “How to Become a Contributor.”


There are four main steps to registering at the TFCEC website.

  1. Choosing a username
  2. Confirming your email
  3. Choosing a password
  4. Updating your profile

Choosing a user name

  1. First, navigate a modern browser to . If you are reading this article on the TFCEC website, you have completed step 1.

  2. Click the link to “Register” in the lower left sidebar (fig.1)
  3. The browser should navigate to the registration page (fig.2)
  4. Choose a username and enter it into the designated input field. Add a valid email address, that you have access to, in the email input field (fig.3). Then, click the “Register” button.


Confirming your email

  1. Open another browser window or tab, and navigate to the email you used for the previous step. You should have received an email from the TFCEC website with a special link to complete your registration (fig.4).

  2. Follow the instruction in the email (fig.4), and navigate to the first link to set your password.

Choosing a password

  1.  The link should navigate to the choose password screen.

    The TFCEC website will suggest a super secure password for you(fig.5). You can enter a password that works best for you (fig.6). TFCEC strongly suggests you choose a secure password. Please follow the guidelines indicated on the page(fig.6).

  2. Once you have chosen a secure password for your account, click the

    “Reset Password” button. The browser should show a password reset confirmation. Next  click the “Log In” link(fig.7).

  3. At the username page, input the credentials you just created. Login from step 4, and password from step 7. Click the “Log In” button (fig.8).

Updating your profile

  1. After  logging in, you will be presented with your user profile setting page (fig.9).

    If you are not presented a profile page, click the “Profile” link in the left sidebar.

  2. You can choose what fields to fill in on this form, but TFCEC will not allow you to be a contributor to the website unless you fill in the first name, last name, and email fields, as we will check that these  match our membership records (fig.10).

  3. Once you have completed all the desired fields, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Profile” button (fig.11). The page should refresh with a “Profile Updated” message at the top (fig.12).
  4. Congratulations! You have completed the registration process, but you are not yet a contributor.

    There is one more step required before you will be able to author new content on the TFCEC website (fig.13).




Email the webmaster

We closely control who has author access to the website, so you need to complete one more step before you will be able to submit content to the website.

You need to get your user account update by the webmaster. There are two ways to accomplish this task.

  1. Talk to the webmaster, Josh, at the next meeting. Be prepared to supply your username, full name, and email that you registered with on the website.
  2. Email the webmaster, include the following information so he can confirm you are a member. (Please preface your email title with “TFCEC Contributor“)
    • Username 
    • Your name 
    • Email (used for registration)

Once we can confirm your membership status, or that you are a real friend of TFCEC, we will update your account to a Contributor.

If you have any questions, bring them to the next meeting, or send a message to the author of this article.