(Postponed) Fall Fish Festival 2020

2020 Fish Festival Logo
2020 Fall FIsh Festival

The Tropical Fish Club of Erie County welcomes you to Fall Fish Festival 2020. We are looking to have competition, education, and interaction of fish hobbyists from near and far. We welcome all to attend our two day event. You do not need to be a member of an aquarium society to participate. There is an entry fee for entering the show, tables are for rent for the swap meet, and the banquet will be paid by attendees. Otherwise, the event is free to attend all events for the weekend.

Time and Location:
August 29-30, 2020
@ Lake Erie Italian Club
3200 South Park Ave., Lackawanna NY

Download the 2020 Fish Festival Booklet for more information, including a schedule of events, show classes, and more.

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