Meetings Have Returned! June 15, 2021

Hello Members of Tropical Fish Club of Erie County

I hope all are well and healthy.

I have some great news to share.  The Lake Erie Italian Club is re-opening, which means we can again have our Club Meetings once again, it’s been a long time.

Just a reminder meetings are at the Lake Erie Italian Club, 3200 South Park Ave. Lackawanna, NY 14218. Enter in the rear of the building. We meet in the rear room at the hall. We begin gathering at 7pm with meeting starting at 7:30pm.

The first meeting will be a meet and greet and get re-acquainted. The Board will be meeting before the meeting to set up what we will be doing that evening, but will be great to see everyone again.

OK now the guidelines for members coming, Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local mandates. Those not Vaccinated must wear a mask and socially distance 6 feet. We will not be a watchdog, but please be aware of others at the meeting. If you feel the need to wear a mask even if fully vaccinated that is up to the individual. Hand Sanitizer will be available at the meeting for your use. If you feel ill, please do not attend the meeting.

We will have a mini auction but please limit the number of items you bring to 5, exception would be BAP or HAP submissions. All sales at the mini auction will be cash at this time. Please do not handle the auction items that are on the tables.

There will be no Bowl Show this month.

We will be a work in progress as we return to regular meetings.

The next Great News is Our Fall Auction will be held Sunday October 17th at the Lake Erie Italian Club. Rules and posters are in the works.

A Swap Meet is being Planned to be held at the Eastern Hills Mall Saturday July 24th. This will be held through out the mall hallways. More info to come on this event.

It has been 15 months since we last met, I know many of us have missed our monthly gatherings and talking fish, I am sure many of you have some stories to tell how you survived the pandemic, with your fish tanks.

See you at the meeting as well return to a form of normalcy.


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