Fall Auction 2021

Hi Everyone,

It is once again time to have a Fish Auction, seems like an eternity since our last one in Feb of 2020.

The Tropical Fish Club of Erie County will hold our Fall Auction on October 17th at the Lake Erie Italian Club, 3200 South Park Ave. Lackawanna, NY. Doors open at 9:30 for registration and the Auction will begin at 11am sharp!

With the Covid regulations changing we will adhere to what every is in place the day of the Auction. The Lake Erie Club is requesting unvaccinated people to mask and anyone else who feels the need to wear a mask may do so. We will not be checking vaccination cards unless it becomes a new mandate at the time of the auction.

We of course need rules and I have attached a copy. But just remember A limit of 50 items per household to be sold. No more than 5 bags of any color variety of fish or dry good item, this includes Tanks max of 5 per seller will be allowed. ALL Used equipment must be clean and complete or it will be rejected!!  All items will be checked in by TFCEC and placed on Tables.

We hope to see you all in attendance and we will be accepting cash, and credit card payments. All purchases must be paid for before leaving the building and a check will be sent for all items sold at the auction within 2 weeks of the Auction.

Any questions please contact me at tfcprez2@gmail.com.

Randy Seufert

President TFCEC

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