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Breeding Blue Pearl Shrimp

Breeding Blue Pearl Shrimp – Neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis var. blue
In this article, you can find one account of sourcing shrimp, the setup utilized, and the care taken to encourage breeding of this dwarf shrimp species.

Blue pearl shrimp, are a variation of the same species as Snowball Shrimp, and will readily breed with other Neocaridina species. 1 These shrimp are readily available at local aquarium club auctions and for sale on the web. I searched for these shrimp in many places, including aquatic plant forums (e.g. Aquatic Plant Central, The Barr Report), but ended up purchasing a dozen from a breeder through Aquabid. While I was searching for these shrimp, I payed careful attention to the coloration of the adults, due to the light blue coloration of these shrimp. The seller’s photo of his colony appeared healthy in the photograph, and the blue coloration was as intense as the other available shrimps. Continue reading Breeding Blue Pearl Shrimp