Combtail Gourami

Scientific Name: Belontia signata(GAunther, 1861); Family Osphronemidae; Order Perciformes; Synonyms: Macropodus signatus, Polyacanthus signatus (neither are valid) Etymology: Belontia from the native name of a similar species in Borneo; signata from Latin meaning ‘marked’; Pronunciation: Bell-on-tee-a sig-nay-ta Common Names: Ceylon Combtail, Red Combtail, Combtail, Comb-tail Paradise Fish, Comb-tail Gourami, Red Comb-tail Gourami Region: Asia; endemic […]


YRRG LFKZU CDFXHKJ TXDV F YRRG SFUHZG GHZK FUZ KPZ VZOUZKV KR PZFXKPJ AHVP KPFK UZIFHW PZFXKPJ UZFOP IFKDUHKJ FWG VDOOZWADXXJ VTFLW CLUE: K=TThe Cryptoquip is a substation cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, It will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and […]