Writers Award Program (WAP)

The TFCEC Writers Award Program

The Writers Award Program was created to encourage the writing of fish related articles for the newsletter and to disseminate information from people of knowledge in the club to other club members. The WAP program also exists to acknowledge the accomplishments of TFCEC members to the hobby through their writing and artistic efforts.
Writers Award Program Rules

1. Points will be awarded based on the following schedule for articles first published in the newsletter, from January to December in the same year.
2. All point awards are at the sole discretion of the WAP committee.
3. Co-authored articles will have the points split evenly.
4. Members who are in default of dues will have their points put into an inactive list until such time membership is renewed.


10 pts. Required BAP or HAP articles.(see membership package)
10 pts. Short articles of 100 – 200 words.
20 pts. Any article not required (in HAP or BAP) of over 200 words.
20 pts. Original hand drawn artwork of fish or plants.
10 pts. Original drawings or cartoons, hand-drawn, or computer assisted.
40 pts. A monthly or semi-monthly article submitted to the newsletter in the time frame above.

10 pts. For any article or drawing reprinted in another club’s newsletter.
40 pts. For any article or drawing reprinted in a “for profit” hobby publication or on line format.
10 pts. extra if original photo is submitted with an article.

The WAP committee will consist of the WAP chariman and the exchange editor and one other person appointed by the Board of Directors(BOD). The committee will meet during a BOD meeting as needed. The point total will be updated in each months newsletter.


In order to qualify for awards, submission of articles or drawings to the committee must qualify to be printed in the newsletter.

Awards Classes

Writer’s Award:
Participants must accumulate 50 pts. and 30 of which are from the basic point rules.

Author’s Award:
Participants must achieve the Writer’s Award level and accumulate 100 pts and 60 of which are from the basic point rules.

Wordsmith Award:
Participants must accumulate 200 pts. of which 120 are from the basic point rules.

William T. Innes Award
Must have achieved Wordsmith award and have accumulated 400 pts. and 240 of which are from the basic point rules. To complete the requirements needed to earn this award, one (1) of the following conditions must be met.
1. Participants must have at least (2) articles reprinted in another club’s newsletter.
2. Participants must have at least (1) article reprinted in a “for profit” publication.

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