Nov/Dec Newsletter

Hi All


The Board of Directors had an excellent meeting this month we set many dates for events and getting a list of speakers for our meetings.

First off the meeting for November is Tuesday Nov 15th, we will have our election of officers, and the Program will be FISHO with Fish and plants as prizes sponsored in part by the Blue Lagoon Fish Store. We always have a good time playing FISHO!!

Our December meeting on Dec. 20th will be our Holiday party, this is a buffet dinner and again we are asking for a $5.00 donation and please sign up at the meeting or contact Randy at I need a count by Dec 12th.

Do You have pictures of your fish or taken pictures of someone else’s? We again are having a TFCEC Calendar made for 2023. If you want to submit they must be to Dawn Warren by Nov 14th so she can print them. We will vote for the pictures to be put in the calendar at the meeting. The Calendars will be given out to memberships at the Holiday Party.

Plans for 2023

Spring Auction on February 19th. At the Lake Erie Italian Club 3200 S Park Ave, Lackawanna NY. With Covid hopefully behind us its time to get back to what we enjoy. This is our major fund raiser so we hope all will participate, selling, buying and helping out with the auction.

Our other Big event will be the Fall Fish Festival 23. August 26-27, 2023 again at the Lake Erie Italian Club. We are working on a speaker at this time and as soon as we are sure we will announce who it will be. There will be a 30 class show, swap meet, Banquet, Speaker , Raffles and Auction on this weekend.

We will be bringing back a new Bowl Show 3 times during the year, Months will be published and prizes will be given, some thing like a possible $10,000 prize!!

Just a reminder that Dues are due in January keep your membership current, as you have to be a member for our Banquets, Picnic and Holiday party to attend.

Hope to see you at the meeting Tuesday Night Lake Erie Italian Club 3200 S Park Ave, Lackawanna NY 14219 Doors open at 7 meeting starts at 7:30.


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